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Trouble Shooting

  • Follow This Guide If You Wish to Use Our Hacks without Problems

    In this article, we will explain why a cheat may not be working for you even after having followed the Cheats Manual.


    1) Download The Drivers

    If you experience problems with our loaders startup, Make sure you have these programs and drivers installed in your system.
    Make sure to Download all C++ three packages for x86, x64, ARM64. Otherwise, Your cheats will not work.


    2) Disable Windows Defender

    Follow this video to disable your Windows Defender
    If you do not uninstall/disable Antivirus, it will block our hacks injection to game client.

    Use this tool to Disable Windows Defender Easily.


    3) Disable Exploit Protection (Control Flow Guard)
    We have a tutorial video for how to disable Windows Exploit Protection.
    Follow it and Disable it


    4) Uninstall/Disable Antiviruses 
    Why? You should know that these are hacks and cheats. They are designed to get packets from the game client and bypass every possible anti-cheat system like EAC (Easy Anti Cheats), BE (Battle Eye). These kinds of backend processing are "regarded as a virus" in various Antivirus programs, so uninstalling or disabling antivirus is essential.

    If you do not uninstall/disable Antivirus, it will block our hacks injection to game client.

    • AVAST
    • Bitdefender
    • AVG
    • Malware Bytes
    • Norton
    • McAfee
    • Avira
    • Windows Defender


    5) Other Conflictive Programs
    There are couple programs that might become trouble while using cheats due to their structure (virtual machines) or basically those designed to be used against cheating tools or aggressive programs working in place of antivirus giving false positives. So, make sure you Uninstall all the below-mentioned programs from your computer.

    Don't just disable them, Uninstall them Completely

    • Uninstall Any kind of Antivirus and Antimalware
    • Faceit 
    • ESEA
    • Riot Vanguard [Do not Remove it if you are using Valorant hacks]
    • Oracle Virtual Box
    • Punkbuster
    • Razer cortex
    • Rivatuner


    6) Disable the Hyper-V
    Most of our cheat requires to disable Hyper-V
    Solution? Check this Article to Disable Hyper-V!


    7) Disable the Secure Boot
    In order to use our hacks Secure boot should be off !
    Solution? Check this Article to Disable Secure Boot!


    8 ) Disable Windows Auto-update
    If you are using Windows 10/11, your PC will be updated automatically as a default setting.
    Some recent Windows update may block our cheats injection, and for that case you should wait our cheats update.
    (If you are using the latest Windows 10/11 22H2 version, Delete the recent Windows security update from control panel.)
    To avoid this hassle, we highly recommend to disable Windows Auto-Update.

    Use this tool to Disable Windows Auto-update Easily.


    9) Extra Tips
    -Always run your cheats as an Administrator!

    -If the Cheat asks you to enable the Overlay or Run an extra program as administrators, like Discord or Overwolf.
    It means that the cheat will use that designated overlay to make the writing in-game.

    -Always check the COMPATIBILITY at Status page. This is very important. Not every Windows 10 version is the same and not all the cheats run in every single version. Before any purchase or before opening a ticket make sure if your window version is supported!

    -We suggest not to use main accounts while cheating. This is self-explanatory. You take the risks while cheating, meaning that we are not responsible for your actions nor will we return any coin back because you have accepted the use of cheats beforehand.

    -Always check for the cheats/hacks updates on the site

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