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M2 Spoofer Released! - Completely bypass ban from COD Series! ×

Noah (MW3)

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Product requirements/Specifications:

-OS: Windows 10 & Windows 11

- HWID lock - Bound to one PC only

- Required the Secure boot in bios disabled.



- Completely Stream Proof 
(fully invisible, perfect for YTer & Streamer) 

- Safe Mode 
(limits the features to the safest) 

- Support Game Pad 

- Aimbot

  • Advanced smoothing feature with customizable settings(Random smooth values each time)
  • Dead- zone and customizable humanization features
  • Bone selection/aim at closest bone to crosshair
  • Recoil control system(fine tune the amount of recoil you want)
  • Accurate bullet travel prediction and player movement prediction(Aims ahead of the enemy so you always hit the shot)
  • Auto select target(swaps to a new target if they are close to your crosshair)
  • FOV adjust(Shows a visible indicator of the FOV value)
  • Aim key(toggle aimbot via an assigned key or mouse button)
  • Save different configs and switch between them easily(Save unlimited number of custom profiles)



  • Enemy Information
  • Draw Skeleton
  • Draw Weapon Icon
  • Draw Bounding Box
  • Draw Teammates on ESP


- Radar Features

  • Show the orientation of enemies and if they are shooting










Unlock All Features









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